Tri omega inzenjering
O nama - Tri omega inzenjering

About Us

Tri omega inzenjering is privately held civil engineering company, founded in 1995 in Belgrade.

Activity of company includes:

  • construction works
  • providing consulting and technical services and project management
Constuction workers

The company is primarily engaged in construction works on various concrete structures, especially bridge constructions. Since its foundation, company is, as long-time representative, specialized in bearings and expansion joints installation on bridge constructions and other structure types. On bridges all over the region, we have been installed kilometres of expansion joints and large number of bearings. We are providing all types of bearings and expansion joints procurement at customers' request.

In addition to standard works on concrete structures, the company owns DESOI equipment for injecting with cement and epoxy emulsion, as well as qualified and experienced workers. Tri omega inzenjering has engineering and technical personnel who gained great experience working for many years on capital projects across former Yugoslavia, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

Company has license for construction works execution on road structures (bridges) I132G1 issued by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and operates in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 i ISO 45001:2018. In addition, engineering staff possess personal licences such as

  • 410 - Responsible Contracting Engineer for building structures and building-finishing works in building construction, civil engineering construction and hydraulic construction,
  • 412 - Responsible Contractor building construction and construction-craft works in civil engineering works and
  • 413 - Responsible Contracting Engineer for building structures and building-finishing works in hydraulic construction.